Thursday, 12 January 2017


- Da li veruješ u Kokošku?
- To je izmišljotina, ne postoji ništa osim slanine, tosta i kafe.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Tanya Donelly - Swan Song Series (2016)

Tanya Donelly
Swan Song Series 3CD

"The Swan Song Series" 3CD set is a collection of songs in which Tanya Donelly collaborated with friends, musicians and authors such as Rick Moody, Robyn Hitchcock, John Wesley Harding, Damon Krukowski and Naomi Yang (Damon+Naomi/Galaxie 500), Bill Janovitz (Buffalo Tom), Tom Gorman (Belly), and Claudia Gonson (Magnetic Fields), and explored an impressive range that wasn't always captured on previous albums. This exclusive collection includes the first 5 self-released digital EPs + 7 brand new, previously unreleased, tracks on a 31 song set. 
Tanya Donelly is a singer-songwriter and founding member of three of the most successful bands of the post-punk era. At the age of 16, she and stepsister Kristin Hersh formed Throwing Muses, which became the first American band ever signed to the influential British label 4AD. Donelly later sidelined with Pixies bassist Kim Deal to form The Breeders, appearing on the debut LP "Pod". She later exited both the Breeders and Throwing Muses to form her own band, Belly. Donelly would eventually disband Belly to raise her two daughters. She still found time to write and record music as a solo artist.

01. Mass Ave [04:10]
02. Christopher Street [04:24]
03. Let Fall the Sky [02:12]
04. Blame the Muse [03:46]
05. Meteor Shower [04:41]
06. Still [03:30]
07. Mary Magdelene in the Great Sky [04:49]
08. Why So Sad [04:14]
09. Making Light [03:01]
10. Miranda (Pacifically) [03:28]

01. Written/Unread [02:55]
02. VivaKaraoke [02:25]
03. Far Away and Hard to See [02:58]
04. Hidalgo Street [04:42]
05. Cygnet Song [02:49]
06. Salt [05:06]
07. Worry Doll [03:30]
08. Cape Ann [04:06]
09. Flying at Night [04:25]

01. Snow Goose and Me [03:52]
02. Tu y Yo [02:43]
03. Lucky Love [03:49]
04. Oh Me of Little Faith [03:56]
05. The End to the Dawn [03:56]
06. Silver in Your Palm [02:40]
07. Mr. Swan [02:52]
08. Send Me Your Next Nightmare [04:29]
09. Wild Love [03:51]
10. Storm Blown Bird [03:43]
11. In Your Name [04:36]
12. Tooraloo [02:36]
13. Midnight Flower [03:21]
14. I Would Like to Call It Beauty [03:30]
15. The Law [04:13]
16. Old Brown Radio [04:05]

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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Gliding like a whale

Potrebno je vreme
Odavde do tamo
Da se negde sleti
Dok se tvoje senke
U uglu mog oka roje
U jednom trenu gaziš po pesku
U drugom si već u letu
I to ne traje ni časka
Prodavac cveća mi je pričao
Da si Kralja u jednom trenu ljubila
A u drugom već odjedrila
Na dva mesta u istom trenu bila
I to nije sve
U jednom si trenu do kraja sveta plivala
U drugom na leđima kitova jahala
Pameti nema na Ničijoj zemlji
Iako anđeli šapuću da pobeđuješ
Zvezdo padalico, bez repa i traga
Ni tren ti nije bio potreban da odeš
Dok si Kralja u jednom trenu ljubila
A u drugom već odjedrila
Dok poput kita kliziš
Od hotela do hotela

Peter Murphy "Gliding like a whale"
(Cascade, 1995)

Monday, 9 January 2017

DEVO - EZ Listening Muzak (2016)

EZ Listening Muzak 2CD

Futurismo repress this compilation of muzak covers DEVO recorded of their own songs and sold via their fan club. This bizarre material pushes the witty, eccentric and utterly unique DEVO sound in an even more extreme direction. "EZ Listening Muzak" comes with a wealth of wacky DEVO merchandise and although it is available as a CD boxset, the vinyl LP set comes in antique walnut or lava lamp colour!

01. Gates of Steel
02. Girl U Want
03. Come Back Jonee
04. Whip It
05. That's Good
06. Jerkin' Back and Forth
07. 4th Dimension
08. Shout (Hello Kitty)
09. Mongoloid
10. Pity You
11. Goin' Under

01. Swelling Itchin Brain
02. Jurisdiction of Love
03. Peek-a-boo!
04. Satisfaction
05. Space Junk
06. Time Out for Fun
07. It's a Beautiful World
08. Jocko Homo
09. Shout
10. Human Rocket (Laughing Gas Version)

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