Saturday, 3 June 2017

The Meteors - Attack Of The Chainsaw Mutants (2017)

The Meteors
Attack Of The Chainsaw Mutants

Psychobilly legends and one of the hardest working, ball breaking, out-an-out rockin' bands in the world. Led by the enigmatic Paul Fenech, The Meteors have been recording and touring for many years and never fail to impress their ever loyal fans. This CD covers much of the band's career and is a collection of live recordings and footage from the legendary Psychobilly haunts The Hellfire Club and The Klub Foot, plus promos for "Please Don't Touch" and "Chainsaw Boogie".

01. When A Stranger Calls (2:02)
02. Get Off My Cloud (2:05)
03. Sweet Love On My Mind (2:20)
04. Mutant Rock (2:23)
05. Rattlesnakin’ Daddy (1:46)
06. Don’t Touch The Bang Bang Fruit (1:47)
07. Maniac (2:29)
08. Wildcat Ways (2:21)
09. I Don’t Worry About It (3:26)
10. Go Buddy Go (3:15)
11. Rawhide (2:27)
12. Please Don’t Touch (2:32)
13. Chainsaw Boogie (5:23)
14. Who Do You Love (3:49)

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